Cool Email Trick to Make People Watch Your Entire Video or Podcast

Got an email today for someone new I started following on X and this is just for my notes here but if you find this useful feel free to use the style…

This guy sent me an email about a new video he posted.

Normally emails like this are short, give a quick plug or overview of the video or just a short hook to get you to click on the link to watch it.

But this guy did something else.

He broke down the entire video into a few minute based descriptions much like how you list down the benefits while selling a course.

To give you a better idea I will paste below what he wrote…

10 things you’ll learn:

1. The 3 elements you need in your business operating system.

It’s at the 2-minute mark.

2. How to map your entire business on a few sticky notes.

It’s at the 5-minute mark.

3. How to make sure your content is connected to your business.

It’s at the 8-minute mark.

4. How to create a scorecard to track the progress of your business.

It’s at the 12-minute mark.

5. How to scale a single person’s expertise into a bigger business.

It’s at the 21-minute mark.

6. How to separate your business from yourself.

It’s at the 24-minute mark.

7. A surprising answer to the personal vs. business brand dilemma.

It’s at the 28-minute mark.

8. Examples of personal expert brands that evolved into business brands.

It’s at the 31-minute mark.

9. The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when hiring.

It’s at the 36-minute mark.

10. Why you should stop looking to hire “A Players.”

It’s at the 39-minute mark.

​Listen here.

​Watch here.

The formatting was more clean and easy to read but I hope you like this and find it valuable.



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